API Explorer

Kloudless API Console

Please see the Documentation page for information on how to structure API requests.

After you have browsed the docs, you can use this interactive tool to to test out API requests without writing any code. To get started, please choose your application from the dropdown or if you don’t have one, create a new project here.

Connect Accounts

The App ID is required for adding accounts to your application. Many API requests require at least 1 account connected, so check the /accounts endpoint below to see what accounts you have connected. If you don't have any, use the “Connect Account” button to connect one.

Advanced: OAuth Scopes and Connection Settings
Developer Mode

Developer Mode allows the authentication to be dynamically configured, such as using a sandbox domain for Salesforce or using a custom endpoint.

OAuth Scope

The OAuth Scope is used to indicate which services a user can connect, and which permissions to request. Choose the APIs that the connected accounts have access to, or enter your custom scopes below. Custom scopes should be in the format service_identifier[:admin].api.

Please refer to our Authentication docs for more details on OAuth scopes.

Authorize API Requests

The API Key allows you to make authorized requests to any account connected to your application. It is therefore not recommended to use API Keys for purposes other than development and testing.

Bearer Tokens are a more secure form of authorizing API requests as they only allow requests to a specific connected account. Choose an account from the dropdown below that you would like to make API requests to or add an additional account.

Most API requests require at least one account connected. You can either check the /accounts endpoint below to see which accounts you have connected, or click the “Connect Account” button to connect one. You may also enter a custom Account ID and Bearer Token.

API Request Headers

Use this section to configure extra headers to be sent with the request.