# Kloudless API interaction

  • Connector Category: Storage
  • Unified APIs Supported: Storage, Activity

# Setting up OAuth keys for Adobe CQ5

To set up OAuth keys for Adobe CQ5, sign in to your Kloudless account and expand the Adobe CQ5 section in the Custom OAuth keys page. Instructions are provided detailing how to set up the Adobe CQ5 application and the permissions needed to extend access to the Kloudless integration.

# Creating/registering an Adobe CQ5 application

You will need to take the following steps before connecting end-user accounts to your developer application on the AEM server. Log in to AEM server and navigate to Tools > Web Console to find the configuration described below.

  1. Enable OAuth2 on the AEM server:
  • Edit and save the "Adobe Granite OAuth Server Authentication Handler" to enable it.
  • Verify at JAAS (Main -> JAAS) that the "com.adobe.granite.oauth.server.auth.impl.OAuth2ServerLoginModuleFactory" LoginModule is registered.
  1. Bump the rank of the auth handler up to 1100 to not collide with other Login Modules on the AEM server:
  • Edit the "Adobe Granite OAuth Server Authentication Handler".
  • Set 1100 in "jaas.ranking.name" and click Save.
  • Verify at JAAS (Main -> JAAS) that the rank of "com.adobe.granite.oauth.server.auth.impl.OAuth2ServerLoginModuleFactory" LoginModule is 1100.
  1. Adjust the OAuth resource scope on the AEM server:
  • Edit the "Adobe Granite OAuth Resource Server".
  • Add / in "Allowed Scopes" and click Save.
  1. Adjust the lifetime of an OAuth Access Token on the AEM server so that tokens don't expire quickly. Refresh tokens are not available in earlier AEM versions.
  • Edit the "Adobe Granite OAuth Token Endpoint".
  • Change "OAuth Access Token Expires In" to 31536000 or some other large number and click Save. This is the number of seconds after which the user will have to reconnect their account.

Developer Apps can be created on the AEM server by taking the following steps:

  1. Go to Tools > Operations > Security > OAuth Clients and click Add New Client.
  2. Input your "Client ID" (e.g. My App) and the Redirect URI described above.
  3. Click Create Client ID. Store your Client ID and Secret in the form above.

# Required scopes

Adobe CQ5 does not require additional setup for scopes/permissions.

# Support

Please contact us at support@kloudless.com with any questions you may have. We'd be happy to help you get set up.