# Kloudless API interaction

  • Connector Category: Storage
  • Unified APIs Supported: Storage, Activity

# Setting up OAuth Keys for OneDrive

To set up OAuth keys for OneDrive, sign in to your Kloudless Account and expand the OneDrive section in the Custom OAuth keys page. Instructions are provided detailing how to set up the OneDrive application and the permissions needed to extend access to the Kloudless integration.

# Creating/Registering a OneDrive Application

Create an application and retrieve OAuth credentials on the Azure Portal. More information on how to register your application is available via Microsoft's quick-start guide

# Required Scopes

Add permissions by navigating to Manage > API permissions in the Azure Portal.

For apps authenticating OneDrive users, add the following Delegated permissions for Microsoft Graph:

# Microsoft Graph (Delegated permissions)

These permissions grant access to all resources the Kloudless API uses. You can customize this list to access only the resources your application requires. Doing so will reduce the permissions requested from the end-user.

For admin users of all Office 365 services, such as SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Outlook Calendar, custom scopes can only be configured via the API permissions screen in Azure Active Directory.

# Support

Please contact us at support@kloudless.com with any questions you may have. We'd be happy to help you get set up.