Kloudless is a Unified API that allows your application to quickly integrate support for cloud services.

# Supported Cloud Services

The Kloudless APIs are designed around categories:

Check out our complete Docs here!

# How It Works

Your users authorize your application to access their cloud accounts via the OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol. Using the generated access tokens, your application can make API requests to our Unified API endpoints.

You can read more about the authentication flow options, and how end-users can connect accounts in our Authentication Docs.

# Getting started

Once you have signed up for a Kloudless account, you are ready to start making API calls.

# Kloudless API Explorer

You can use our API Explorer to make API calls. Click on the "Connect Account" button and follow the authentication flow for the service you want to test. If successful, you can use the API Explorer to start making API calls the the various endpoints.

# Postman Collection

If you use Postman in your API development, you can also use our published collection on the Postman API Network. You can navigate to the Postman Collection here. The collection includes instructions on different ways to go about setting up your testing environment.