# Moving Accounts

A large amount of our configuration documentation treats the creation of a Kloudless app as the initial point of account creation. However, many apps are created and might wish to integrate Kloudless. Rather than force all your customers to re-create their accounts, Kloudless has provided methods that will help with importing and exporting accounts from you Kloudless app.

# Importing existing accounts into Kloudless

If your application already includes an authentication process for its users, it might not make sense to make them go through the Kloudless account creation process. You can import user authenticated accounts through the /accounts endpoint to allow them to use the Kloudless API. This can extend the utility of you application to more services very rapidly. You can read more on Importing Accounts in our documentation.

# Exporting existing accounts into Kloudless

On a similar vein, it is also possible to export a Kloudless authenticated account. Doing so means that Kloudless will return all the needed information to authenticate a request directly with the upstream service. This can be useful for unique endpoints that the Kloudless API cannot easily access, or that have additional processes that cannot be reproduced. You can read more on retrieving accounts in our documentation.

If you need additional information or have run into an issue, please reach out to us at support@kloudless.com.