# Kloudless API interaction

  • Connector Category: Storage
  • Unified APIs Supported: Storage

# Connecting to Kapost

Kapost does not support OAuth. Instead, the user is prompted during the authentication flow for the Kapost server domain, username, and password, which are used to authenticate requests. Passwords and secret keys are encrypted and stored securely.

You can test this via the Kloudless API Explorer.

# Supported Storage API endpoints

Kapost supports a subset of the Storage API at the moment. The following list includes the Kloudless API endpoints that are currently supported for Kapost:

  • GET /storage/files/{file_id}/
  • DELETE /storage/files/{file_id}/
  • GET /storage/files/{file_id}/contents/
  • GET /storage/folders/{folder_id}/
  • GET /storage/folders/{folder_id}/contents/
  • GET /storage/search/

# Activities

To enable Activity Monitoring you would need to instruct your users to add the following Webhook URI to their Kapost instance's Webhook settings page at https://COMPANY.kapost.com/settings/webhooks:


Where <COMPANY> is the subdomain of the user's Kapost tenant.

# Support

Please contact us at support@kloudless.com with any questions you may have, or requests for expanded API endpoint support. We'd be happy to help.