# Google services

Here are some things to know before getting started with Kloudless' connectors for Google services.

# Scopes and unverified apps

Add the scopes your app requires access to in the Google Developer Console's OAuth consent screen page. Ensure the scopes your app requests access to match those configured in your OAuth consent screen exactly, or a warning screen will display during the OAuth flow.

The categories of scopes are listed as follows:

  • non-sensitive
  • sensitive
  • restricted

Adding sensitive or restricted scopes will require you to submit your app for verification to Google before releasing it publicly.

While your app is unverified, it will be subject to a 100-user limit, and a warning screen will be shown during the OAuth flow. Apps in development or used internally within a Google Workspace organization do not require verification.

For more information about unverified apps, warning screens, and the verification process, see Google's article on unverified apps.

# App access control (Google Workspace admins)

Your customers' admins can grant your app access to their organization's users' Google Workspace data (e.g. Gmail, Drive, and Calendar data) in their Google Admin Console.

Admins can follow the instructions provided in Google's article on managing app access to Google Workspace data to give your app access.

# Google service connector guides

See our individual connector guides for details on specific services: